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Original Quinton Marine Plasma is the leading mineral complex harvested from a vortex plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean.  With over a hundred years of clinical evidence demonstrating its undeniable efficacy, its healing properties have long been written in stone.  It is the maximum synergistic and coherent interaction within this vortex amongst the minerals, trace elements, organic nutrients, microbes, RNA, DNA, phytoplankton and zooplankton that gives rise to its amazing effects – something which can never be mimicked in a manufacturing facility.


What is Original Quinton Isotonic ?

Original Quinton Isotonic is harvested from a vortex plankton bloom and diluted precisely to 0.9% salinity to match human blood plasma.  It gives amazing mineralization with 84 pre-digested seawater electrolytes by the plankton, prebiotic complex, marine co-factors and micro-enzyme catalysts.

Despite this impressive array of nutrients – it is not just each individual nutrient’s benefits that we are looking at.  We know today that products do not simply work on a “take 100mcg of this mineral and you absorb 100mcg of this mineral” basis.  The mineral forms, its delivery medium (ideally liquid for minerals), synergy, structure and many more factors e.g. ionic state, kinetics, signalling cascades, regulatory effects, bioenergetic quality and much more that our modern, reductionist, material science isn’t able to fully grasp.

We all know it is in the vortex that we find singularity, where peak coherence and creative energies converge – hence it is no serendipity that it is in this particular Atlantic Ocean vortex where you find a plankton bloom – a bloom of abundant life forms and lifeforce.  And this is where maximum Biocenosis (a specific kind of biological activity) occurs.  Synergistic and coherent interaction thereby takes place amongst the minerals, trace elements, organic nutrients, microbes, RNA, DNA, phytoplankton and zooplankton – something which can never be mimicked in a manufacturing facility.

Raw seawater from this location exhibits special special biochemical and energetic properties that are distinct from the surrounding ocean.

Quinton marine plasma is extracted from a depth of 30 meters before transporting it at 4°C in sterile containers to the certified pharmaceutical-standard facility in Spain.  Minimal processing, cold sterilization and packaging in double-tip glass ampoules are the hallmark of this unique product.  This is to retain the energetic balance and signature of the duality-to-singularity and negative entropy nature of the product.  Heat sterilization and radiation are never used so that its “living” quality and efficacy are preserved fully.

The Significance of the “Terrain” and René Quinton’s Discovery

The “milieu interior” or biological “terrain” was defined by the father of physiology, Claude Bernard in the 1800’s.  The terrain is referred to as the extracellular matrix or ground substance as well – and it comprises the complex network of all our bodily fluids and accounts for about 70% of our body weight.  Modern physiologists acknowledge the terrain as the very foundation of physiology because all physiological processes take place within it.

Recent developments in science, medicine and genetic studies are increasingly validating the immense role of the biological terrain to immune response, cell replication, homeostasis and more!  When Claude Bernard proposed that “the terrain is everything”, he undoubtedly knew what he was talking about.  Historian Ierome Bernard Cohen of Harvard University called Claude Bernard “one of the greatest of all men of science”.  Louis Pasteur, the founder of Germ Theory that has contributed greatly to the reductionist approach and narrow vision of today’s conventional medicine – admitted on his deathbed that “Bernard was correct.  The microbe (germ) is nothing.  The terrain (milieu) is everything.”  Reductionist medicine that reduced the human to as many divided systems, illnesses and diseases as possible by then was unstoppable.  As there was immense profitability in coming up with a “million” reduced substances (pharmaceutical drugs) to treat a “million” reduced problems – versus addressing health from a holistic, systemic and balanced approach. 

René Quinton in his monumental book “L’eau De Mer, Milieu Organique” (“Sea Water, Organic Medium“) established scientifically the organic relationship that exists between sea water and human blood plasma. He expounded therein the hypothesis that the primordial living cell (first unicellular life) came from the marine environment, the ocean.  Our “terrain” is thus largely inherited and holographically related to the primordial isotonic ocean – especially at this rare ocean vortex.  This “original” biological terrain was maintained throughout the zoological chain for nearly 2.5 billion years and is our single most enduring physiological trait.

What Did René Quinton Prove About His Discovery?

René Quinton was able to duplicate the composition of the primordial sea by diluting his unique ocean extract.  Time and time again, he then proved the physiological compatibility of his Plasma de Quinton by replacing both 100% of the blood plasma and 100% of the whole blood of small animals with no adverse effects!  Yes, these animals were functioning normally with none of their blood and instead on Quinton’s Marine Plasma alone!  These experiments were documented in minute-by-minute detail in his scientific treatise of 1904, the L’eau De Mer, Milieu Organique book.

As further proof, Quinton’s Marine Plasma was used in both world wars as a blood plasma replacement and continues to be used in clinics around the world till today.

In the subsequent years following these discoveries and findings, René Quinton demonstrated even more incredible findings to the medical community.  He proved that his Plasma de Quinton, when properly introduced into the body, is able to biochemically replenish the human biological terrain and impart a “blueprint” which reestablishes global balance within the extracellular matrix.  The effect of this is a shift towards homeostasis so significant that even the most serious illnesses were controlled and overcome.

Quinton Marine Plasma in Clinical Use

By 1908, Europe was facing some of the greatest epidemics of disease in its history.  In the absence of antibiotics, which had not yet been discovered, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, syphilis and a myriad of gastrointestinal and skin diseases were causing millions of deaths and suffering.  Antibiotics were thirty years away.  Based on Rene Quinton’s success in treating scores of otherwise doomed French patients, the Paris Academy of Medicine elected Quinton’s Marine Method as the best hope for the worsening epidemics.

Six European countries as well as Egypt and Algeria established 69 free clinics to adminster Quinton Marine Plasma to their disease populations.  These Marine Dispensaries, as they were called, were such a legendary success in saving more than half a million lives that René Quinton was hailed as one of France’s most distinguished heroes.  Today we are left with an amazing legacy of this accomplishment, Le Dispensaire Marin, which is a six hundred page clinical summary, of the work of René Quinton and his chief physician, Dr. Jean Jarricot.  This masterpiece is considered to be one of the most detailed and extensive clinical studies in medical history.

First Clinical Demonstration of Epigenetics

The science of epigenetics was officially born when Randy Jirtle of Duke University demonstrated that certain genes of lab mice could be “turned off” by the addition of extra nutrients in the diet (folate in this case).  Sadly, the scientific world had either forgotten, neglected and/or suppressed that Quinton and Jarricot, more than a century before, demonstrated a far more dramatic epigenetic transformation – not on mice but on the fetuses of 2,000 pregnant women!

Mothers who had a long history of bearing children with congenital disease and serious birth defects were administered Quinton Marine Plasma during pregnancy and their subsequent offspring were nearly 100% free of any physiological or mental adversity.  These “Quinton Babies”, as they were called, were tracked for as long as 15 years to prove the long-term efficacy of the Marine Therapeutic Method (Le Dispensaire Marin, 1925).

How Does Original Quinton Marine Plasma Serve Practitioners and Patients?

One reason why the practice of modern medicine tends to steer clear of addressing health conditions from the perspective of the master regulator of all physiological processes, the biological terrain, is that the subject matter is so complex and involved.  For those practitioners who are willing to develop a basic therapeutic skill set anchored in the use of Original Quinton Marine Plasma (Isotonic and Hypertonic), a window of access and influence over this physio-regulatory matrix will open and reveal and important key to achieving homeostasis for their patients – without any known contra-indications.

Original Quinton Marine Plasma offers a wealth of modalities that yield numerous comprehensive benefits to both practitioners and patients alike.  It is, in effect, a holistic influence using just one or two concentrations, Isotonic and Hypertonic, for both internal and external use.  The oral, nasal, dermal, ocular, dental, respiratory and colonic application of René Quinton’s gift offers the tool for deep healing, radiant health, and successful medical practice.

Minerals are the most fundamental nutrients that the body needs – and together with all the other co-factors, Original Quinton is safe and recommended for all people of all conditions.

To understand the precise use of when, how, how often, how much, and what to use i.e. for Original Quinton Isotonic and Hypertonic, you can contact us or your practitioner to understand more.

Drink 1 to 3 servings daily on an empty stomach or as recommended by your healthcare professional. Once opened, store in the refrigerator with cap tightly closed.

Use within 30 days of opening. Keep out of reach of children. Refrigerate after opening

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