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BioPhoton Thermal Therapie

Our BioPhoton Therapie is combined with Thermal Therapie for added effectiveness to your health.

The major and minor symptoms you experience every day – including pain, fatigue and anxiety – all have underlying causes. Things like vaccines, medications, food-borne irritants, surgical scars and old injuries, all create disturbances within your body.

Arthritis, stiff muscles and deep-tissue injuries respond well to Thermal Therapie, and so do many types of pain, edema and range of motion and function issues. Even severe conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, cancer and HIV may respond to heat therapie.

Thermal Therapie is more well known to most people. Think of the way your body reacts when you have an infection: Your temperature rises in a fever in order to eliminate the invasive pathogens.

Non-invasive and completely safe, induced fevers using saunas and other devices can activate your own extraordinary healing potential. Even sinus infections, colds and other simple conditions respond, but severe immune system disorders and degenerative diseases can benefit from the power of carefully regulated overheating, too.

Modern life exposes us to airborne and food-borne pathogens every moment of every day, and your body isn’t always able to keep up with fighting them off. By overheating your body, however, it’s possible to boost your body’s ability to fight these pathogens and the illnesses that threaten it.

Understanding Biophoton Therapie

With roots in ancient Egyptian science, Biophoton Therapie didn’t become a widely accepted form of treatment until the 1970s. Everything from headaches to asthma, eczema and even cancer can be traced to bodily light disturbances

This therapie has long been used in Japan and Taiwan, and tested to provide the following health benefits:
  • boost immunity, enzyme functionality and renewal function to improve physique
  • boost anti-oxidation capacity
  • repair the cells and retard ageing
  • increase blood and tissue oxygen level, activate cells and boost oxygen level in body
  • expand blood vessels, quicken blood flow and micro-circulation, and activate the cells
  • boost cellular activity
  • improve immunity to help the body heal itself
  • treat chronic diseases (such as diabetes, sciatica and cardiovascular disease)
  • improve overall resistance against diseases, ageing and cancer
  • promote blood circulation and metabolism
  • alleviate inflammation and promote wound and bone fracture healing
  • relax nerves and muscles to change injury status and pains
  • accelerate excretion to remove hazardous substances and waste products out of body
  • improve sleep, pains, inflammation and general functionality to improve dysautonomia status (insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome and depression).

Many people see results in just one treatment

And Medi Therapie is often able to completely eliminate symptoms by relieving their underlying causes in three to five sessions. The goal is to create balance within your body in as few sessions as possible, while taking care not to proceed more quickly than your body can adjust to.


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