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Hydrogen & Oxygen Inhalation (Hydroxy) Therapie


Neuro-protective , Improves mood disorders, Reduces muscle fatigue, motor deficits and muscle degeneration, Prevents metabolic syndrome, decreasing levels of glucose, insulin and triglycerides, can treat diabetes, Antioxidant, prevents brain damage, Antiinflammatory, Protects all organs, Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, Assists in weight loss, Enhances mitochondrial function, Has been shown to prevent cancer by reducing oxidative stress and suppressing tumour colony growth, Has been shown to reduce side effects of cancer treatments,

Boosts skin health, Enhances wound healing, Limits damage of transplant organs, Improves bladder dysfunctions, Is cardio-protective, Protects and rebuilds eyes and vision, Prevents hearing loss, Combats allergies, Ameliorates kidney disease, Protects the liver, Promotes gut health, Protects the lungs, Protects from radiationinduced damage, Relieves pain, May prolong lifespan, Is antibacterial and promotes oral health, Helps in Sleep Apnea, Is non-toxic at high concentrations

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