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ARTEROSIL (60 caps)

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ARTEROSIL (60 caps)

Arterosil®  HP – Vascular and Artery Support
Endothelial Glycocalyx Support

Supports Structure and Normal Functions of Endothelial Glycocalyx

Every blood vessel in your body is lined with a protective, yet fragile micro-thin gel called the endothelial glycocalyx which protects and regulates the entire vascular system and healthy circulation/blood flow.

A healthy glycocalyx is essential for healthy artery walls that can be impacted by aging, genetics and lifestyle choices.

Arterosil HP provides sulfated polysaccharide building blocks and antioxidants that support the maintenance of the endothelial glycocalyx.

Arterosil HP is a patented formulation that contains a glycocalyx-supporting compound — rhamnan sulfate — derived from a rare green seaweed (Monostroma nitidum).

In addition, Arterosil HP contains an anti-oxidant rich fruit, vegetable and green tea extract blend that provides vascular benefits and supports the effects of rhamnan sulfate by reducing oxidative stress.

Important functions of the endothelial glycocalyx in vascular and micro-vascular health include:

  • Regulating vascular permeability and fluid balance
  • Supporting blood vessel health, regulating what gets through to the endothelium, providing a physical barrier against inadvertent adhesion of platelets and leukocytes to the vascular wall
  • Supporting healthy blood flow
  • Harboring beneficial antioxidants, coagulation factors and more
  • Triggering the production of nitric oxide (NO) in response to blood flow. NO is a natural gas the body produces that widens the blood vessels and has many important functions
  • Regulating coagulation (many of mediators of the coagulation pathway are buried inside the glycocalyx under normal physiological conditions)

The glycocalyx structure is so important, yet so delicate. It can be damaged by many common conditions, such as high blood glucose, oxidative stress, and inflammation.

Supports the structure and normal functions of endothelial glycocalyx — the fragile inner lining of your vascular system*

Supports healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range

Contains MonitumRS — a proprietary extract of rhamnan sulfate from the rare green seaweed Monostroma nitidum

Incorporates fruit and vegetable blend with antioxidant properties

Helps support normal artery function*

Supports normal circulation*

Helps maintain healthy artery wall*

Supports healthy heart*

How Arterosil HP Contributes to Healthy Vascular Function: 

  • Arterosil HP supports normal circulation*
  • Arterosil HP helps support normal artery function*
  • Arterosil HP helps maintain a healthy artery wall*
  • Arterosil supports a healthy heart*
  • Arterosil HP supports a strong and vital glycocalyx*

Take 2 capsules per day with a meal or as directed by your health-care practitioner

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