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Made from wild-grown, non-GMO, 100% raw, heirloom variety (hon-hybrid), certified organic, kosher & fair trade ceremonial grade cacao.

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200 grams


With such a staggering amount of documented evidence and science today supporting the health benefits of cacao, or what some refer to as “dark chocolate”, it is getting easier for all of us to start embracing cacao as medicine, and food as medicine.

In fact, in the raw food and superfood community, cacao almost consistently takes centre stage as THE ULTIMATE health food.

Apart from being regarded as not just a health food, elixir, tonic and medicine, cacao has been highly revered as a sacred and divine food with undeniable evidence preserved from the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilisations.

The vast array of natural medicine offered by the dense Amazon rainforest – its plethora of healing botany, is represented by cacao – studied to be the MOST pharmacologically complex food source in the known Amazon jungle, containing an estimated 1,200 individual chemical constituents. It is simply impossible to mimic the effects of cacao artificially and synthetically!

“There was in those days a body of opinion which regarded tea and coffee as harmful and favoured cacao. And I was convinced that one should eat only articles that sustained the body, I gave up tea and coffee as a rule and substituted cacao.”

~Mahatma Gandhi


Firstly, WOW Superfoods’ cacao paste is simply blocks of pure cacao much like chocolate – just that it is 100% pure, and raw – which retains all its alchemical and chemical benefits. Our method of processing employs a non-heat crushing of the raw cacao beans into a “liquor”, which then very rapidly solidifies at room temperature – yielding this end product, the “cacao paste”. Note that before this process, our cacao beans are minimally fermented for 2-4 days on cane covered in banana leaves and purely sun-dried to eradicate mycotoxins and prevent their buildup!

Our raw cacao paste does not bring excess heatiness to the body unless it has undergone high temperature processing as in conventional chocolate.

“There’s more to life than chocolate, but not right now.”



  1. It is the of the rare variety that contains more of the psychoactive content as the ceremonial grade cacao used in ancient civilisations!
  2. Wild Grown, Non-GMO, 100% Raw, Heirloom Variety (Non-Hybrid), Certified Organic, Kosher & Fair Trade
  3. Guaranteed purity by selecting pods by hand and harvested only when fully mature and ripe – discarding “mouldy” or “anything less than best” picks, and NEVER procuring from other third parties to make up our supply – if we are out, we are out!
  4. Most highly prized national variety comprising less than 1% of the worldwide cacao supply
  5. Grown in high elevation volcanic soil brought down from mountaineous regions by donkey back
  6. The selected cacao trees are a minimum of 30 years old, whilst some have grown for more than 80 years
  7. Completely free of mycotoxins, mold, yeast and fungus that can cause jitteriness, allergies, migraines and more
  8. Only nourished from rain water or deep mountain spring water – the cacao trees which our cacao is harvested from are never irrigated from potentially contaminated rivers and streams
  9. Processed in own state-of-art facility on custom artisan equipment that ONLY processes our cacao
  10. Beans are always sun-dried and never gas dried
  11. Remains 100% raw from start to finish
  12. Through connoisseur analysis of crunch, transformations of flavour i.e. three to five flavour elements, possess overall taste of being cooling, subtly dry, fatty with natural sweetness, slightly bitter with low astringency, low vinegar sensations with a very slight, distant, waxy texture, this cacao is certified top grade
  13. Hence it is the true cacao that possesses all the benefits espoused by the ancient civilisations for tryptamine activation, pineal gland expansion, entheogenic experiences, euphoria, deep meditation, etc.
  14. All regular “chocolates” are from inferior varieties of cacao, cultivated and harvested poorly, go through industrial level processing and mixed with preservatives like Potassium Sorbate, and have the nutritional content and benefits destroyed (even top brands like Varlhona, i.e. single origin are produced for taste only)


  • The premier food for heart and cholesterol health
  • Highest ORAC score and anti-oxidant concentration of any whole food
  • #1 food for depression, stress and PMS – as it contains the “bliss chemical” anandamide, the “love molecule” PEA (phenylethylamine), and serotonin
  • Clean sustainable energy without the jitters – as the energy comes from theobromine compound and cacao has zero or next to zero caffeine
  • #1 food for brain power & clarity, neurotransmitter balance and mood
  • Brilliant for right-brained creativity, intuition and achieving higher wisdom
  • Makes other substances better absorbed when mixed together
  • Proven appetite control adjunct and fat burner
  • Potent libido booster
  • Supports bone health
  • #1 source of probably the most important and commonly deficient mineral, Magnesium
  • Extremely nutrient dense with hundreds of other balanced and synergistic nutritional components

Dip with viscous sweetener such as honey and held in the mouth for a while before biting and chewing, or blend in hot chocolate recipes


Our cacao paste is best consumed when stored in room temperatures of up to 30 degrees celcius as it has a melt-in-your-mouth effect at those temperatures (otherwise much harder in texture).

Although it can be used in recipes, the most ideal way of consuming it is in its unadulterated state. You can of course break up the larger pieces into smaller pieces as a little goes a long way–and a lot brings you to heaven (we like to do that periodically but it’s of course costly!).

We like to dip ours in raw, unfiltered honey for that perfect marriage of bitter and sweet, dry and hydrating. Some people swear by melting a little piece into their warm oats. The possibilities are endless!

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