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The #1 intestinal cleanser in the world, Oxy-Powder® works quickly and efficiently to help cleanse your colon. In turn, this provides a squeaky clean environment where you can replenish gut flora, absorb nutrients from a good diet and ingredients from health supplements. Oxy-Powder® uses monatomic oxygen, which is the safest and most life-enhancing ingredient, it is not habit forming and will not harm any friendly gut bacteria.


All health regimes and detoxification protocols should ideally begin with an intestinal/colon cleanse. This is because it will, in a very short time, rid the body of a massive bulk of toxicity sources in the body and clear up a lot of backed up faecal matter and stagnation.

Once the intestines are squeaky clean, it is then time to do the rest e.g. replenish gut flora, absorb nutrients from a good diet and ingredients from health supplements. Most toxins are derived from our intestines leaking into our bloodstream!

With all that stagnated, compacted, faecal matter accumulating and hardening, we create an internal environment that is perfect for superbugs, bacteria, yeasts, mold, fungi, candida, parasites and viruses to set up shop and multiply, wrecking havoc on their own, creating toxic by-products, and eating up vital nutrients in the body. Some people even have 20 to 40 pounds of faecal matter accumulating in their intestines!

Here is some information relating to the significance of our intestines:

  • Nutrient Absorption – As they say, “You are not what you eat, but what you absorb!” Our small intestines absorb nutrients and minerals found in foods.
  • Immune Function – The intestines constitute about 80% of our immunity.
  • Second Brain – Also known as the gut brain or enteric nervous system, our gut contains 100 million neurons, which is even more than the spinal cord! It sends and receives impulses, records experiences, and responds to emotions just like the brain! It has receptors that are connected to other parts of our body, responding and reacting to the same chemical messengers as our brain/central nervous system. This is why people often say they have a “gut feeling” or “butterflies” in their stomachs – the gut does affect our brain and body significantly!
  • Appendix – The appendix functions as the body’s regulator and communicator, monitoring internal pH, toxic load present, and send messages to the immune system over bowel-related activity.
  • Digestion and Elimination – If your digestion is impaired or digestion-upsetting foods or habits are prevalent, fermentation, putrefaction and rancidity of foods will occur within the intestines, causing a boatload of toxins to be produced and circulated into the bloodstream. This is not forgetting the existing toxic loads that many of our foods are already harbouring. Over time, these accumulated wastes harden into compacted faecal matter – encrusting the intestinal walls – providing an environment for toxins to flourish and multiply.

An unhealthy gut is thus a surefire recipe for an unhealthy mind, body and spirit.

Moving your bowels daily is not necessarily a sign of good digestive function. In fact, one should move their bowels at least twice a day. Given that most of us eat 3 main meals a day, assuming each goes through proper digestion for a healthy transit time, we should at the very least move our bowels twice a day. Also, a healthy transit time for your stools will often be reflected in the colour – which is supposed to be a lighter brown than we think.

Most of us have dark brown stools, which is a sign that it has been sitting in the intestines way too long – causing problems over time. Here is a stool chart to further gauge the health of your bowels.

If you don’t move your bowels at least 2-3 times a day with Type 3 or 4 stools, there is a very high chance your intestines are sluggish. Even for those who do, they never fail to find lots of stuff being purged out while cleansing!

TypeOsmoticOsmotic LaxativesBulk-Forming Laxatives
Description Can cause severe dehydration and electrolyte depletion + cramping and bloating Cause intestinal muscles to spasm and contract, dehydration, gas, habit-forming, damage intestinal lining, loss of bowel muscle tone Use highly absorbent materials (usually dead fibre not live fibre) to increase stool mass, requiring more energy to force it out. Can cause serious constipation when intestines are already very choked
Examples Sorbitol, Magnesium Hydroxide Senna, Cascara Sagrada, Castor Oil Psyllium, Guar Gum, Methyl Cellulose

Oxy-Powder® is undoubtedly the #1 intestinal cleanser in the world. It works so fast that it is a no-brainer for everyone. Even the non-health conscious people get converted after trying Oxy-Powder®! It is no surprise that it is our top seller. Here are reasons why it is unparalleled:

  • Uses monatomic oxygen, the safest and most life-enhancing ingredient
  • Cleanses the ENTIRE digestive tract (including the small intestines)
  • Converts all the solid, compacted, fecal matter into liquid and gas, flushing everything out completely!
  • Doesn’t destroy friendly bacteria
  • Is NOT habit-forming
  • Destroys many forms of viruses, parasites, yeasts, bacteria, mold etc. that has all been thriving in the compacted faecal matter throughout the digestive tract
  • Proven through titration tests to release oxygen for over 18 hours!
  • Oxygen release “power” is measured with electromotive force at a SOLID INDUSTRY HIGHEST of 2.4 whereas other oxygen cleansers are 1.23 or below. The only proven formula that is able to attach and stabilize oxygen through a secret proprietary ozonation process!
  • Easy to use and bring around (as opposed to powder)
  • Comes in Kosher certified vegetarian capsules

Celebrities, models, sportspeople, to chronically diseased patients all rave about the benefits of Oxy-Powder®.Clinical studies have proven its safety and efficacy and it has long been in use in the U.S., often featuring in top magazines. Magnesium oxides are common, but they are not ozonated and do not deliver the benefits a product like Oxy-Powder® does.

Oxy-Powder® consists of ozonated and stabilised Magnesium complexes of Oxides and Peroxides. The intricacy involved in producing such a product includes the adroit manipulation of various factors such as oscillation frequency, voltage, amplitude, waveform, capacitance, temperature, pressure, flow rate, selection of catalyst and inert gas composition and ratios. This is only possible with the finest corona discharge plasma which is unlike regular ozone generators. It is inconceivable to imitate the scientific brilliance of this end product which gives immediate results like no other product on the planet!

Everyone! No one can claim to be healthy unless they have cleansed their intestines and colon. Also, anyone with digestive concerns, constipation bloatedness, weight gain, persistent infections, allergies, skin problems and sluggishness.

Take 4 capsules with a glass full of purified water before bed. If you do not achieve 3-5 bowel movements the next day, increase by 2 capsules each night until you achieve 3-5 movements. Take your serving 2-3 times weekly or as desired. Drink plenty of water while using Oxy-Powder®

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