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With bamboo fibers and hypoallergenic technology, Sankom® Shaper is suitable and comfortable to wear. Sankom® Shaper has a unique compressing function to correct spine position and helps reduce back pain and muscle tension. It can restore the body’s center of gravity and thereby helps reduce back pain.

Invented and designed in Switzerland, patented in around 146 countries, weight control intuitive nutrition with weight management system Sankom® and recommended by WHNO.

When our body weight increases, our center of gravity shifts to the direction of the accumulation of fat. The Sankom® Shaper returns the center of gravity in the correct direction. It also reduces the load on the spine, vertebral discs and back muscles. Thus, reducing back pain and helps to correct kyphosis and lordosis.

The Sankom® Shaper increases impellent function restrictions of the hip joints, prevents arthritis and improve the biomechanical conditions for all the joints of the legs.

The Sankom® Shaper is also ideal for sports and muscle enhancement. It helps to improve the efficiency of physical exercises for the lower part of the body and increases the effectiveness of your fitness.

The Sankom® Shaper ultimately aims to help you achieve the perfect posture and restore your body’s center of gravity. The comfortable, breathable fabric will allow you to have a flatter stomach effect, reduce cellulite visibility and reduce back pain.

● Corrects body posture, restore centre of gravity and reduce back pain

● Helps you achieve a better shaped silhouette and body lift

● Hypoallergenic soft-touch material and bamboo fibres guarantee a nice feeling

● Achieve a more effective workout

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